Exterior Features on the Toyota Highlander Make the Vehicle a Classic

Let's talk about the exterior of the Toyota Highlander for a moment and recognize why the exterior makes this vehicle something that can't be ignored. Start with the fact that we are talking about a vehicle with daytime running lights that make you more visible if it is light outside.

There are some small touches to it that make it stand out as well. What about the fact that the windshield wipers have a de-icer function that helps get the pesky ice off of your windshield more quickly on those cold winter mornings?

Finally, you have other nice features that we have come to expect at this point in time such as the keyless entry option and the rearview backup camera that helps aid us as we are driving the vehicle in reverse. It is a fashionable vehicle that also has a lot of bells and whistles that can help keep you safe.



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