Toyota 4Runner: Rides and Looks Like a Champ

The new Toyota 4Runner continues to sell like hotcakes, thanks to its great critical reviews and millions of vocal fans. Luckily, the new 4Runner has the interior and exterior features worthy of all its hype. Deft handling and off-road power score huge points with our Loving Toyota team, but the exterior features make Toyota 4Runner an all-around superb ride.

Rear stop lights are essential to maintain healthy following distances when driving in Lufkin suburbs or rural country. The Toyota 4Runner's rear stop light owns a high-mount, central position and boasts LED technology. LED emits more lumens per watt, making for brighter light that lasts longer and costs less money. Plus, a color-keyed rear spoiler offsets the stop light, ensuring that it's highly sporty and visible.

The updated 4Runner has undercarriage protection for days, with skid plates on the transfer case, fuel tank, front suspension, and the engine. Skid plates protect everything under the Toyota SUV's body, shielding the undercarriage from sustaining damage through exposure to rocks, sand, and mud. Take the Toyota 4Runner for a spin today with a test drive, here at our dealership.


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