Toyota 86: Small Roadster With Big Ego

The Toyota 86 is a popular sports car for drivers in Lufkin, TX who value agility and versatility on the road. Loving Toyota offers the GT and TRD Special Edition for this two-door model that's powered by a boxer-type engine block with four cylinders.

The Vehicle Stability Control Track Mode is integrated into the Toyota 86's ECT-i system, which has an automatic gearbox. When this mode comes on, the car makes sharp turns and other racing-type maneuvers on designated tracks or closed courses. The auto transmission system also has the Snow Mode that maximizes traction during a snow day.

With some assistance from the Dynamic Rev Management, you won't have to worry about delays in the gearbox. A rear-wheel drive is linked to the 86's high-performance transmission system, which may be controlled by paddle shifters. Thermal management in the gearbox is done by a fluid exchanger that responds to the ambient temperatures.


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