The Toyota Avalon Sedan Has Exclusive Mechanical Functions

The Toyota Avalon is a popular choice for buyers seeking extra features in a premium full-size sedan. You may ask Loving Toyota about the hybrid system and other high-level mechanical technologies that are available in this imported car.

Fitted with standard all-season tires, the Avalon is ready to withstand Mother Nature's challenges. Of course, this imported sedan has other mechanical features that are optimized for adverse conditions, such as the Star Safety package. The Traction Control function lowers the risk of wheel slip on a wet road. Depending on the pavement, the Smart Stop Technology might significantly decrease the total stopping distance for a typical reaction time.

Additionally, the Avalon boasts multiple technologies that emphasize powerful capabilities, such as the Engine Sound Enhancement. When this function is turned on, you'll hear the V6 powertrain roar through the interior audio system. Additional acoustic effects are produced by the Intake Sound Generator, which is heavily inspired by the latest racing cars.


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