Travel with Pets the Easy Way

If you’re going somewhere, it might be easier to take your pet with you. At Loving Toyota, we’re happy to show you how easy it is to take your pets on a road trip out of town.

It’s important to keep your pets as calm as possible. Use a crate or carrier where they have plenty of room to move around. Pack a toy or blanket that is familiar to them with them. Bring along the food dishes as well as bottled water so that you don’t have to depend on public water containers at rest stops.

Be sure that you microchip your pet before going on the road trip. Have them wear a collar that contains all of your contact information. If you go out of state, it’s also a good idea to bring vaccination records, just in case. Before you start your journey, make sure your dog goes potty. Then, allow for plenty of stops along the way.



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