Blind Spot Monitors: An Innovative Safety Feature

There have been rapid innovations in the automotive industry, which include active safety features that are designed to provide drivers and passengers with ample protection. A Blind Spot Monitoring System is one of the most popular safety features that is equipped on automobiles, but how does it work? At Loving Toyota, we try to keep our consumers informed, so you can read about a Blind Spot Monitor below.

A Blind Spot Monitor uses sensors to detect for vehicles that enter your blind spot zones. It is offered on about 57% of all new models. According to the IIHS, Blind Spot Monitoring Systems can reduce the chances of lane-change collision injuries by 23% and lane-change collisions by 14%.

In most vehicles, a Blind Spot Monitor will alert the driver with a visual signal that appears on the side mirrors of the vehicle. Some systems also provide drivers with an audible alert when a vehicle enters their blind spots.



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