Athletic, Classy & Futuristic: The 2019 Toyota C-HR

The sub-compact SUV is gaining in popularity to many of its SUV counterparts. The 2019 Toyota C-HR is the quintessential sub-compact SUV of the future. This amazing vehicle offers a superior quality of ride, and it possesses many technological advancements. Check out the C-HR's exterior appearance below.

The 2019 C-HR is simply poetry in motion. This popular sub-compact SUV looks fast when it's at a standstill. The C-HR has strong body lines and deep-etched grooves that spans throughout the body. This diamond-like exterior also possesses some of the most futuristic headlamps thanks to their dynamic shape. The lighting consists of LEDs and halogen bulbs. This exterior also sports flat surfaces, which helps to balance out the vehicle's dimensions. The Toyota C-HR will come equipped with 18-inch wheels, and an integrated-rear spoiler.

Our automobile reps will gladly provide a test drive of the all-new Toyota C-HR. The only thing that you'll need to do is to pay us a visit.



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