Driving Assistance in the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV

Having a robust platform that's tuned for off-road trips and urban commutes, the new Toyota Land Cruiser has innovative safety technology. Available in one edition at Loving Toyota, this family vehicle offers a safe drive with plenty of premium amenities at competitive market prices.

Measuring 9.0 inches diagonally, the high-resolution display in the Toyota Land Cruiser works in sync with the Multi-Terrain Monitor. When you shift the transmission system into a reverse gear setting, a rear camera captures 180-degree views in real time. Yellow and red lines are also superimposed over the videos that are displayed on the touch screen in the center console.

This Toyota SUV has the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert technology that raises your awareness of potential moving obstacles behind you. The RCTA function is optimized to work in tandem with the Blind Spot Monitor, which identifies vehicles and motorcycles in the driver's blind zones.



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