Automatic Safety Technology in the Toyota Camry

Advances in technology have produced impressive safety features in modern vehicles. Toyota is utilizing these features in the new Camry. The popular midsize sedan is available with Automatic High Beams and Lane Departure Alerts. You can get your new Camry at Loving Toyota.

The Automatic High Beam system turns on automatically whenever you're driving over 25 MPH. It's designed to improve your visibility at night by taking advantage of the power that the high beams offer. Cameras monitor ambient light conditions to switch between lighting modes without a second thought. The system is even smart enough to switch to low beam when other drivers are coming your way.

The Lane Departure Alert feature can keep you more alert during those long drives. Cameras detect clear road markings. The system can then determine where your Camry is in relation to the lanes. If you start to move out of your lane, alerts will let you know immediately.



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