The Toyota Camry Comes With Helpful Safety Features

What makes the all-new Toyota Camry the popular midsize sedan that is growing in popularity? Take a look at just some of these safety features helping keep drivers safer.

Once a certain speed is maintained at night, the Automatic High Beams in the Toyota Camry are activated. This can help increase the field of vision for drivers, and the system works hands-free too. If a vehicle is coming towards your car, the lights toggle to low beam until the car passes, then the high beams resume.

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control allows the driver of the Toyota Camry to set the speed and focus on driving. If any vehicle moves in front of your car moving slower than your set speed, the brakes are applied gently to maintain that safe buffer, then the speed resumes after the road is clear. Test drive the new Toyota Camry when you stop by Loving Toyota.



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