Check Out the Toyota Avalon's Incredible Engine

As full-size sedans go, the Toyota Avalon is hard to miss. The vehicle represents the largest front-wheel-drive sedan Toyota released in the U.S. market. The vehicle's dimensions prove impressive, and there's more. The Avalon's performance delivers positive features to those interested in how a car handles.

The engine's stats deserve a closer look. 301 horsepower comes off as incredibly impressive. The thrill increases when would-be drivers discovers that the 3.5 liter V6 engine delivers all that horsepower with reduced fuel consumption. Few drivers want a gas guzzler. Now, they can buy a powerful full-sized sedan with an incredible engine and still save money on fuel.

The D-4S direct-injection displays the brilliant fusion of engine design and modern technology. Engineers worked hard to make this engine something special. The staff at Loving Toyota know the engine in the Avalon is special. You may feel the same after taking the car out for a test drive.



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